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September 11, 2023

CBDC Tracker

In a recent research report by Bank of America, analysts concluded that “CBDCs (central bank digital currencies) appear inevitable.” According to their research, CBDCs have “the potential to revolutionize global financial systems and maybe the most significant technological advancement in the history of money.”

Which Nations Are Leading the CBDC Race in 2023?

Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) have witnessed significant advancements in 2023. As countries globally explore and adopt digital currencies, it’s essential to highlight the front runners in this domain.

1. China: The People’s Republic of China remains at the forefront, with its digital yuan, also known as e-CNY. The currency has been integrated into various sectors, including public transportation and e-commerce platforms. China’s CBDC has also made its international debut, with tourists using it during the Winter Olympics.

2. The Bahamas: The Caribbean nation has successfully launched its digital currency, the Sand Dollar. This CBDC aims to enhance financial inclusion, especially for remote islands within the country.

3. Nigeria: Africa’s most populous nation introduced the eNaira, marking a significant step in its digital transformation journey. The eNaira has been adopted by several merchants and has a growing user base.

4. The United Arab Emirates: The UAE’s digital dirham is in its pilot phase, with the country exploring partnerships for cross-border payments.

5. Sweden: The European nation is progressing with its e-krona project, focusing on developing a secure and efficient platform.

6. The United States: While the US hasn’t launched a CBDC, it’s actively researching the potential benefits and challenges. The Federal Reserve is expected to release a report on its findings soon.

7. The European Central Bank: The ECB is in the early stages of its digital euro project, aiming to launch a pilot by mid-2023.

8. The Bank of England: The UK’s central bank is exploring the potential impacts of a digital pound on monetary stability and financial systems.

9. The Bank of Japan: Japan is conducting experiments on its digital yen, focusing on its feasibility and functionality.

10. The Reserve Bank of India: India is in the initial phases of its CBDC exploration, with the central bank releasing a paper on the digital rupee.

For those keen on tracking the progress of CBDCs, the CBDC tracker and the Future of Money by the Atlantic Council offer valuable insights. Along with a graphic tracker at CBDCTracker.org