Ready to Invest in Gold & Silver?

Silver and Gold Coin

The Simple Path to Precious Metal Ownership

At American Alternative Assets, we're here to make owning physical gold or silver simple for you, so you can enjoy the benefits without any hassle. We strongly believe that including precious metals in your retirement savings strategy is crucial.

Secure Your Investment

Step 1:
Secure Your Investment

Begin your journey by signing our customer agreement, ensuring transparency and clarity in every transaction.

Fund Your Future

Step 2:
Fund Your Future

Choose convenient funding options, including bank wire or mailing a check to our LA office. We provide a FedEx label for check payments.

Customize Your Portfolio

Step 3:
Customize Your Portfolio

Select your desired precious metals, and we'll swiftly deliver them to a trusted depository or directly to you, marking the completion of your investment journey.



Invest in Gold & Silver Coins

Exploring the purchase of gold and silver coins outside a Precious Metals IRA can provide valuable asset protection. Benefit from convenient shipping to your chosen depository and potentially qualify for complimentary storage.

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