Biden’s Digital Currency Agenda: Unfolding in Plain Sight

June 25, 2024


Over the weekend, we stumbled upon a captivating account of a man visiting his family in China. To his astonishment, not a single cash transaction was needed throughout his stay. China’s swift transition to a digital-only economy was both impressive and alarming.

The convenience of digital transactions, however, came at a steep price. In China, the absence of internet freedom means information is heavily censored and confined to government-approved applications. The visitor found himself in a peculiar role, bringing uncensored news from the outside world to his relatives, highlighting the darker side of digital dominance.

Meanwhile, Australia is rapidly advancing on a similar path, spurred by the recent approval of the World Economic Forum (WEF) treaty, which champions the shift to a cashless society. Such developments underscore the urgency for awareness and preparation.

Back in the United States, the allure of digital convenience continues to grow as the Federal Reserve’s FEDNOW service rolls out, promoting the efficiency of digital transactions. But this convenience poses significant questions: What happens when “cashless” starts to mean “voiceless”? Do we truly own our voices if they can be digitally silenced at the click of a button?

The power to silence dissent and control speech could potentially rest in the hands of those who manage the digital ledger. This isn’t just an upgrade in financial technology; it could very well be the onset of a digital dictatorship.

As we stand on the brink of these sweeping changes, it’s imperative that we remain vigilant. The convenience of digital currencies and transactions must not seduce us into complacency. Our freedoms are too precious to be handed over lightly.

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P.S.: The intentions behind President Biden’s push for digital currencies—whether born from strategic planning or from others pulling the strings—remain a topic of heated debate. But regardless of the motive, the reality is clear: FEDNOW is active, and CBDCs are on the horizon.

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