Joseph U

AAA is the best company I have ever used regarding alternative assets and my ***.In the past I have been deceived when purchasing metals. I had specifically requested certain types and the percentages of each that I wanted, but then ended up getting the exact opposite of what I had ordered. When **** assured me that he would let ME decide what was best for my particular situation, he wasn’t lying. He did exactly as I asked, and on top of that I found the premiums to be very fair.Having purchased metals in the past, and not doing my due diligence prior, I’m now aware of “certain types” of sales reps and how wrong things can go.**** and ***** were very pleasant to work with and I felt no pressure to do anything that I didn’t feel was right for my situation. Everything went as smooth as glass..and quickly too.If I decide to rollover even more of my *** into metals, my one and only call will be to ****.